This is the timeline of Paper Cuts universe. Please note that certain things differ from games, details are added/changed to fit the comic story better.


- Thomas Light and Albert Wily are born.


- Mikhail Sergeyevich Cossack is born


- Light and Wily receive their PhD's in Robotic Engineering from Robert University of Technology


- Dr. Light found the Light Labs and Dr. Wily joins as his partner


- Mikhail Cossack receives his PhD in Robotic Engineering from Vruer University


- Kalinka Cossack is born. Due to complications, her mother dies shortly after giving birth.


- First Sniper Joe - class Police / Peace Keeping Robots are created by Dr.'s Light and Wily. Nor the police forces or the Army are interested in design, where the price of one individual would cost more than an annual upkeep of company of human soldiers.


- Dr. Light and Dr. Wily create the first Robot Master, Protoman. With more detailed and humanlike AI, Protoman questions his purpose as a test subject and grows mistrust on the doctors. As his power core, designed by Dr. Wily for the Sniper Joe units, is unable to sustain his systems and is failing, Protoman runs away.


- While Dr. Wily concentrates on further developing the Sniper Joe and other armed robots, Dr. Light designs and creates the sibling robots Rock and Roll, hoping the identity issue of Protoman to be solved by having two of robots to be happy together. Rock was to serve as a lab assistant and Roll as a housekeeper. Inspired by his success, Dr. Light went on to create the first generation of Robot Masters, known as the Industrial Series; Gutsman, Cutman, Elecman, Iceman, Fireman and Bombman.


- Dr. Light receives the Nobel Prize from his work in the field of robotics, and the LIT Manual Design Contest. Dr. Wily grows jealous, as his projects, such as the bio-robot Yellow Devil and armed transport craft "Wily Machine" were banned as potentially dangerous weapons with no beneficial purpose.


- In his growing madness, Dr. Wily steals and reprograms the industrial Robots and wreaks havoc with them. Rock, having strong sense of justice, volunteers to fight the evil doctor and is converted to super robot Megaman. (Events of Megaman 1, and six months later, Megaman 2)


- Events of Megaman 3


- Events of Megaman 4

- Events of Megaman 5


- Events of Megaman 6

- After the events of Megaman 4 and 5, Dr. Cossack decides to leave the robotic engineering and joins the Russian military.


- Events of Megaman 7


- Events of Megaman 8

- Dr. Wily begins the construction of Zero.


- Events of Megaman and Bass


- Events of Megaman 9


- Events of Megaman 10


- Dr. Light begins the construction of Megaman X, a robot with completely new kind of AI that would have no personality preset, but would create them on his own.

- Kalinka Cossack joins the Russian Air Force


- Dr. Wily's strike force raids a Russian military base on Vladivostok for raw materials.


- Mikhail Cossack is promoted to General.


- Dr. Wily continues his series of raids for raw materials and attacks an underground military facility in Kainuu Brigade, Finland and manages to move large amounts of equipment to his base in Northern Lapland. Finnish Air Force, however manages to pinpoint the location of the base. This leads to the first major conflict between humans and robots, as the Finnish Defence Forces attack against the facility. Dr. Wily's Lapland base is destroyed, but the Finnish suffered heavy casualties.


- Dr. Wily orders an attack to US military base in Nevada. The attack, led by Cutman, Geminiman and Drillman is currently ongoing.